Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee to recover data?

There is no charge if we are unable to recover your data. Recovery fee depends on media type, amount of data and the physical condition of the media. For hard disk, a logical recovery would range from S$200 – S$700. Logical recovery refers to using software tools and technique to recover from hard disk that is physically working. For a physical recovery, the price would range from S$700 – S$2,500 depending on whether it’s a firmware or mechanical failure. As a rough guide, for a 40 GB – 250 GB hard disk, if it is logically damaged the price can range from a minimum of $200 to $700. In the case of physical damage, it may range from S$700 to S$1900.

Is it possible to recover data from a hard drive that was accidentally formatted?

Yes, Definitely, We can recover data from a hard drive that was formatted, erased and even repartitioned!

Can you recover a file that was deleted accidentally?

In many cases we can. We would need to know one of the following: the type of file, the name of the file and when you accidentally deleted it.

My hard drive is making clicking noises, should I be concerned?

If the hard drive is making sounds it never made before, stop your work immediately.Call or bring it to us, We can help you recover the data.

My external hard drive is asking to be initialized or formated. I need some of the files on it. What utilities can I use to try and fix this myself?

If the data is critical, we don’t suggest running any utilities on it. We’d rather have you bring the drive in for a professional data recovery technician to look at it. You should be aware that utilities are never guaranteed, and can sometimes cause more harm than good.

My computer was in a fire, is my data up in smoke?

Not necessarily. We’ve retrieved data from fire or flood damaged equipment in the past.

What do you mean by non-destructive data recovery?

We use methods that don’t alter the contents of the drive. In the event that we can’t retrieve your data, the drive is no worse the wear.

Is it possible for you to just save certain files i ask for and delete the rest?

Yes, it’s possible – in some cases it may reduce the cost of the recovery. We will have to examine the hard drive in order to find out what type of damage there is on that specific drive and base on that, determined the cost of the recovery.

After your free diagnosis of my hard drive's recoverability, can I decide not to pursue with the recovery depends on price?

As the data on my hard drive is important, but only to a certain extent and I don’t want to spend an enormous amount on it if I can.Yes, the evaluation is free with no obligation, if the cost is too high you can decide not to pursue with the recovery. – Recover your important data that is lost from your hard disk. We are the one of the top companies in Singapore providing data recovery services. We offer our data recover service to both small and large companies. – At Data Savers, we provide you with a professional, cost effective and prompt data recovery service from crashed hard disks and other computer based media. We perform data recovery from servers, desktops, laptop / notebook computers, DVDs and CDs. We are specialists in data recovery from all versions of Windows, Macintosh (Mac OS) and Linux operating systems.

At Data Savers, we have helped large and small companies as well as individuals for more than 10 years to recover their data from virtually any computer media and minimize their downtime. Our aim is to provide the most cost effective and exemplary Data Recovery service to our customers in Singapore and the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Our data recovery specialists can recover data from virtually every operating system and storage device in any data loss situation, using proprietary data recovery tools and techniques, and without voiding equipment warranties. We will have you up and running in no time. Singapore. Recover your important data that is lost from the hard disk with you directly with a company in Singapore.