As your exclusive data recovery provider, your employees can feel secure in knowing where their hard drives are being sent and have the confidence they will be returned in a timely manner.

Your company will be provided an Account Representative as its single point of contact and an optional expedited fee for each recovery.

• Corporate discounts on all data recovery jobs.
• No required minimums to maintain your corporate discount.
• No more lengthy research efforts to find a data recovery provider.
• As a Corporate Partner, your company is billed for the total cost of the recovery fee less your corporate discount.

Companies can join us directly in our corporate partnership program to enjoy savings up to 10% for every recovery service rendered. Kindly fill up our online registration form. If you need any clarifications or have any queries at all, feel free to contact us directly at our Data Recovery Hotline: 6493 3441 or send an e-mail to us at:

Companies enrolled in our partnership program may also choose to buy ‘insurance’ (Data Assurance Plan) for the company notebook / laptops to protect valuable data from hard disk failure. For only a negligible amount of yearly premium, the company can come to us for “FREE” Data Recovery should the notebook/laptop fail. This saves the company from paying exorbitant prices for Data Recovery.

Corporate Partnership Form
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