Harddisk Data Recovery

Data Savers Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading ISO 9001 certified data recovery centre since early 2000 offering expert data recovery services locally and throughout South East Asia. Our only business since inception is to recover critical data – quickly and in the most cost effective manner.  We are Seagate Recovery Services’ Platinum Partner Since 2006 and also Seagate Recovery Services’ Official Authorized Service Centre. Seagate Recovery Services is the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 certified recovery services provider. Since 2005, we had established ourselves as the preferred and leading provider of professional data recovery services for virtually all storage devices and medias including failed Seagate Western Digital WD Toshiba Hitachi HGST LaCie internal external hard disk drives, solid state drives in IBM PC Dell Lenovo Toshiba Hewlett Packard ASUS Acer Gaming laptops, desktops, data servers, RAID Arrays, NAS, SAN android mobile devices, iphone, macbook pro macbook air laptop USB Devices Micro SD XD CF MM Cards Go Pro Security Camera Recorder and tape cartridges.

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————————————————————————————————————————————————Choose Data Savers Pte Ltd (Seagate Recovery Services’ Platinum Partner), the Data Recovery Experts that offers MORE than just your Data Back.

  •  Most Cost Effective Professional Data Recovery Rates possible.
  • Absolutely Free Evaluation, with No Hidden Costs or Cancellation / Administrative Fees.
  • 100% Genuine ‘No Data, No Charge’ Policy. If We Do Not Recover Your Target or Important Data, You Do Not Need to Pay Us Anything.
  • We Enforce a Very Strict Data Confidentiality Policy, Adhering to World Class Data Confidentiality Standards, which Ensures Absolute Discretion For All Our Data Recovery Clients.
  • Dedicated Data Recovery Specialist Case Manager.
  • One of the Only Authorized Seagate/Maxtor Partner to perform Class 100 Clean Room Hard Drive Evaluation and Data Recovery without voiding equipment warranty.
  • Seagate Recovery Services is the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 certified recovery services provider. 
  • Fastest HDD Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Evaluation Time Frame without paying a premium fee.
  • Advanced Data Recovery Facilities and Techniques.
  • 1st Data Recovery Company with a collection office conveniently located at Suntec City.

    Premier Data Recovery Services in Singapore – Data Savers Pte Ltd

    Welcome to Data Savers Pte Ltd, your first choice for professional data recovery services in Singapore. Located conveniently to serve you swiftly, our experts at www.datasavers.com.sg are renowned for their efficiency and reliability in recovering data. Whether you’re a business or an individual facing data loss, our services are crafted to meet your needs with precision and professionalism.

    Expert Data Recovery Near Me
    If you’re searching online for “data recovery near me,” look no further. Data Savers is strategically located in Singapore to provide fast and effective solutions to your data recovery needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced recovery techniques ensure the highest success rate in retrieving your valuable data.

    Top-Rated Data Recovery Singapore Review
    Don’t just take our word for it; our “data recovery Singapore review” speaks volumes of our success and customer satisfaction. With countless five-star reviews and testimonials, Data Savers stands out as the leading provider of data recovery services in Singapore. Our commitment to excellence and customer service ensures your data recovery process is smooth and successful.

    Comprehensive Data Recovery Services in Singapore
    At Data Savers, we understand the critical nature of your data. That’s why we offer a broad spectrum of data recovery services in Singapore, including:

    Hard Drive Recovery: Specialized recovery services for all types of hard drives.

    Mobile Device Recovery: Expertise in retrieving data from damaged or malfunctioning smartphones and tablets.

    RAID Recovery: Solutions for complex RAID array failures and data corruption.

    Emergency Data Recovery: Fast response services for urgent data recovery needs.

    Why Trust Data Savers with Your Data Recovery in Singapore?

    Proven Expertise: Years of successful data recovery experience.

    Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing the latest and most effective data recovery technology.

    Confidentiality Guaranteed: Strict protocols to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

    Customer-Centric Service: Tailored solutions and personalized attention.

    Transparent Pricing: No data, no charge policy—pay only when your data is successfully recovered.

    Contact Us Today

    For reliable and professional data recovery services in Singapore, visit www.datasavers.com.sg. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and get your data recovery started with the best in the business.

    Data Savers Pte Ltd  has been established in collaboration with Seagate Recovery Services. As the platinum partner in the South East Asia Region, we provide end-to-end solutions in professional data recovery services – for all brands and formats of storage media. At Data Savers and Seagate, we know exactly how to help our customers in dealing with their data loss and to aid them in avoiding further damage & thus maximizing the possibility of a full recovery from their hard disk and other storage media. As Seagate is the world’s number one hard disk manufacturer, we have the world’s most advanced technology in recovering seemingly lost data. However, it’s important for our customer to understand that hard disk drives have delicate mechanical & electronic parts and the recovery process is also contingent on how the drive is being handled. For example, if it being attempted by an unqualified engineer or in a non-conducive environment, further damage will be caused and thus minimizing the possibility of any successful data recovery. Since more than a decade ago, Data Savers Pte Ltd had been Singapore’s preferred leading provider of data recovery services for failed hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, data servers, RAID arrays and tape cartridges. Our hard disk drive evaluation and data recovery services are ‘warranty-safe’. We will recover the data you need or there will be no fees or hidden costs charged, Guaranteed. Through the years, Data Savers has been successful in recovering data after others in our industry have failed. Our Fast, Secure & Confidential Hard Drive Recovery Services we provide are for any Media / Any Brand / Any Operating System, Physically Damaged Hard Drives – “Click Of Death”, Deleted, Overwritten or Corrupted Files and Emails, RAID (Emergency RAID Recovery Service), SAN, NAS and Server Data Recovery Tape Overwrites, Backup Restore Services. Lost your valuable data due to Hard Disk or Computer Media Crash? Call Us at+65 64933441 to Start your data recovery online with us now and experience why we are Singapore and South East Asia’s Preferred Professional Data Recovery Service Provider. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Press Release 6 June 2009 New Suntec City Fountain of Wealth Data Savers Pte Ltd’s new hard disk collection / data verification / data collection and first level hard disk data recovery evaluation office is  situated at Suntec City (the “Vertical Silicon Valley of Asia”) 9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower 2, 29-01 Floor. Its new distinctive business address will undoubtedly make the process of crashed/faulty hard disk self delivery, data collection, data verfication and personalised data recovery specialist consultation(s) appointment commuting hassle free. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Data Recovery Services At Data Savers, we provide you with a professional, cost effective and prompt data recovery service from crashed hard disks and other computer based media. We perform data recovery from servers, desktops, laptop / notebook computers, DVDs and CDs. We are specialists in data recovery from all versions of Windows, Macintosh (Mac OS) and Linux operating systems. Recover your important data that is lost from your hard disk. We are the one of the top companies in Singapore providing data recovery services. We offer our data recover service to both small and large companies. Listed below are some Common Hard Drive and Data Recovery Services. Data Savers is able to Recover Data From: Platter Damage From A Head Crash Mechanical Hard Drive Failures Virus Contamination Software Corruption Blue Screen Of Death Deleted Files and Partitions Disk Reformatting File Overwrites Hard Drive Crash / RAID Failure Water Damaged Hard Drive Fire / Heat / Smoke Damage Software Failure & corruption Power Outage, Electrical shortage Human Error Power Related Problems Vandalism & Sabotage. Call to inquire about: – Our Free phone consultation – Our Absolutely Free hard drive evaluation – Our No data recovered – No data recovery Fee policy – Our RAID Data Recovery Support – Our Data Recovery Guarantee – Our 100% Data Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy – Quick Data Recovery turnaround time   Why Choose Data Savers to Recover your Data?

  • We are South East Asia and Singapore’s most cost effective professional data recovery service.
  • Absolutely Free Evaluation irregardless whether your data is recoverable or not.
  • Advanced Data Recovery techniques and facilities to recover what others deem as “Unrecoverable”
  • Unprecedented service level commitment and customer service support.
  • Quick evaluation of damaged media at our facility
  • Absolutely No Charge if we cannot recover your Data.
  • 100% Confidentiality & Privacy of Customer’s Data (Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy)
  • ‘Warranty Safe’ Data Recovery Evaluation Services
  • Data Collection Office located in the heart of the city, Singapore
  • Call Data Savers or visit (https://www.datasavers.com.sg) to begin the hard drive data recovery process or to enquire about our data recovery services

data recovery singaporeExperience Professional Data Recovery Services by Seagate’s only Asia Platinum Partner, Data Savers Pte Ltd, Singapore. At Data Savers, we really do care about how you feel when your precious data is lost. We fully understand how critical and important your data really is. We are a data recovery centre with a world class effective data recovery service. Our Seagate Data Recovery specialists have more than 25 years of RAID, hard drive, disk and tape data recovery experience. Data Savers, Seagate’s Platinum Partner, has the experience, expertise, and capability to recover data from all media types regardless of format. We recover data from hard disk failure. Accidental files deletion. Laptop crash. Inaccessible documents. Physical Errors, Firmware Errors, Electronic Errors, Logical Errors. In short, we are your data doctor for your lost data. We provide file restore, Undelete data and data restoration service, disaster recovery service.

Yes! We can Recover Files from Any Storage Media

data recovery servicesData Savers, Seagate’s Platinum Partner, provides recovery services and retrieve data from damaged desktop hard disk, external hard disk, USB external hard drive, USB hard disk, USB drive, laptop, Macintosh Apple Powerbook G4, G3, raid array, CD/DVD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, USB Thumb Drives, USB Interface SD CF card, Digital Camera Card, Tape Cartridges, Iomega Zip or Jazz Disk, Floppy Disks, Syjet and Sparq. We perform Data recovery on all storage media. Hard disk recovery. RAID recovery. Server recovery. Laptop recovery. External hard disk. Flash Drive. Data Savers can perform Recovery from OS failure. Mac OS. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Linux. UNIX. We also do recovery from Portable Hard Disk. Portable HD Casing Faulty. Mobile USB device. Handphone. Mobile Phone Memory Cards. Hand Held Devices. PDA Personal Digital Assistant. Palm Pilot. Ipod music devices. We can perform Recovery from File System Corruption. FAT. FAT32.NTFS.EXT2. EXT3. ReiserFS. UFS. We also provide data and disk recovery for the purpose of Computer Forensics, Data Forensics, Digital Forensics, Forensic Investigation Services and Digital Evidence Discovery and Reporting on Laptops, PCs in Singapore. We restore deleted files and perform undelete files from data corruption and for lost files. We are the premier Singapore Data Recovery Services Company providing Hard Drive Free Pick Up Service. Recover Your Data with Data Savers, Seagate’s Platinum Partner today.

Several Typical Data Recovery Problem Scenarios

The Files on my hard drive were suddenly not recognized. The system prompted and asked to format the disk. An extremely common problem on hard disks. The cause of this occuring could be a bad sector at critical section of the hard disk or corruption on the partition structure, to name a couple of possible failures. My hard drive is not recognized. My hard disk drive is not detected. I woke up this morning only to find out that when I turned my PC on, the hard drive is not recognized by BIOS. What’s going on here? How can I recover data from this catastrophic experience?! I could not access my emails. The access to my drive is very slow and crawling. Various diagnostic software failed. Failure could be due to something mechanical inside the drive. Blue screen then error upon reboot. hard disk recoveryFor some reason my Windows’ display dropped to blue screen. Upon force shutdown, the system failed to reboot. Data Savers can perform Recovery from OS failure. Mac OS. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Linux. UNIX. We can perform Recovery from File System Corruption. FAT. FAT32.NTFS.EXT2. EXT3. ReiserFS. UFS. My hard drive crashed. When my hard drive crashed I was so scared that I would never be able to access my irreplaceable documents and photos. How can I find a reliable data recovery centre that provides computer recovery services, hard drive repair to retrieve data. Data Retrieval services. My photos are gone. I had pictures since 2004 of my kids and family on the drive which crashed. I accidentally deleted my files. Can I recover the files that I deleted by mistake? I was working late at night, with lack of concentration to blame, I deleted one directory full of my important documents. They are not even in the Recycle Bin! I want to recover my data! How to recovery data? My hard drive is not recognized. I woke up this morning only to find out that when I turned my PC on, the hard drive is not recognized by BIOS. What’s going on here? How can I recover data from this catastrophic experience?! I could not access my emails. Just when I thought I could reply my customer’s confirmation email, all of a sudden my email client cannot seem to find my email account’s data. Could it be harddisk problem? Singapore Data Recovery Hard Drive Free Pick Up Service. Recover Your Data with Data Savers, Seagate’s Platinum Partner today. Singapore customers can enjoy our free pick-up services. Damaged drive are picked up within hours on the same day.